photoAGM and BOOK Closure:

The Factory of the Company is closed since 1999-2000 and thereby no manufacturing operation was there during the financial year under review. However the Management is putting its all efforts to explore the business potentialities and revive the Company.

The Company had not declared any dividend during the financial years ended from 31.03.2007 to 31.03.2010.

As required by you, the particulars of the book closures for Register of Members and Share Transfers are as under :

Financial year ended Date of AGM Book Closures (both days inclusive)
a) 31 March, 2007 Saturday,29.09.2007 22.09.2007 to 29.09.2007
b) 31st March, 2008 Tuesday,30.09.2008 22.09.2008 to 29.09.2008
c) 31st March, 2009 Monday,21.09.2009 12.09.2009 to 19.09.2009
d) 31st March, 2010 Thursday,30.09.2010 23.09.2010 to 30.09.2010